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Call for Papers

Dear colleagues and friends of the ESSV,

We are delighted to announce that the 30th Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing (ESSV) 2019 will return to the beautiful city of Dresden.

The ESSV conference covers a wide range of areas in speech processing. We invite you to contribute papers to the following topics:

We also welcome contributions on related topics, as well as progress reports or theoretical discussions. We expressly encourage students to make a submission to become eligible for this year’s Best Student Paper Award. The conference will be held in German and English. All accepted submissions will appear in the conference proceedings published in the series "Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation" by TUDpress and in the public online archive of the ESSV (coming soon).

Important dates:


The ESSV 2019 is supported by: Linguwerk GmbH, Dresden, and voiceINTERconnect GmbH, Dresden

Linguwerk GmbH voiceINTERconnect GmbH

We are looking forward to your submissions and to seeing you in Dresden in March 2019!

Peter Birkholz & Simon Stone

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